JCT TCP/IP Lab: Links to Other Sites

NOTE: I have not checked out all of these sites.

  1. Network Programming:
    1. Socket Programming Tutorial (www.cs.rpi.edu/)
    2. Network Programmer's Guide and Reference (East Central University)
    3. Unix Socket Glossary
    4. UNIX SOCKET PROGRAMMING (sat.gmd.de/~chrome)
    5. Programming UNIX Sockets in C FAQ (www.ibrado.com)
      1. http://www.ibrado.com/sock-faq/
      2. http://www.ibrado.com/sock-faq/html/unix-socket-faq.html

  2. IBM's TCP/IP tutorial -- describes various protocols in the TCP/IP protocol suite.

  3. W. Richard Stevens' Home Page - the author of well-respected books on UNIX and network programming.

  4. Glossaries:
    1. BABEL: Glossary of Computer Abbrevs & Acronyms
    2. Glossary of Internet Terms (SRI)


  6. The Internet:
    1. IETF Home Page
    2. Request for Comments

  7. SNMP:
    1. SNMP Doc (Yahoo)
    2. A Guide to SNMP and CMIP
    3. SNMP FAQ (Ohio State University)


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