The Babylonian Talmud in Taanit 21 b quotes rabbi Yosei as saying "A man's place does not honor him, but a man honors his place. For we learn that as long as the Ohel Moed (tabernackle) was standing all mezoras and zavim were ordered to leave (chapter 5 v. 2). But when it was packed up for travel they were allowed to enter it."

What creates the honor of a certain place, it is the acts of a man. When he builds a Ohel Moed in a certain spot, that place takes on a certain honorable significance such that impure people must honor it by not entereing it. What would it mean for the place to honor that man?

In life your position is what you make of it. You can be the president of a university and still feel that you have no real power, since the board of directors is really in change. So also a CEO could let his board make all the decisions. But a strong Presidetn or CEO will take power and claim authority to make decsions. If he is sure of himself, people will let him.

So too even with a middle level managher. He can refer all decisions to higher ups or he can claim the power himself. And so too with every worker in a company. If he starts to make decsions on his own, to argue strongly for his opinion he will gain more authority and responsibilty. The alternitive is to stay within the narrow defines of his job title. Then he will not advnace. Your place is what you make of it.

Even the position of US president was for a time a formal position. Over the years as presidents took more power for them selves the role become a powerful one. We each need to give honor to our place and then we will be honored.