Ginsberg - Bowing to Esau Seven Times

At the end of sefer shoftim there is no king. Then the prophet Samuel (Shmuel) appears. His power is to annoint kings, eg. Saul and David. Netzach Israel lo Yishaker. "The eternity of Israel will not faulter." Shmuel the shepard is the strength of Israel, but before this occured, there was no king in Israel. The story in Judges of the concubine in Giva (Pilegesh beGiva) happened in beginning of of the period of Judges. (At least according to the pshat). But according to tradition it occured in the last phase of the Judes period. Therefore it is what preceded the verse "..and there was no king.." (our current situation is much the same). It was without or before a king rules. We too are at end of the period of Judges (shoftim).

The holy Ar"i revealed peoples root souls of previous generation - a tanna is gilgul of biblical figure concubine of giva was mended by Aha Bar Yaakov - the husband of the concubine was fixed by him.

where is this hinted? Esau said yesh li rav ahi- hints at rav aha -he is the rav of ahi (my brother esau) Rav aha is that Esau is Israel's brother ari- Esau "tzad ztayid befiv shel esau" - Isaac would find good in esau so too, R. Aha bar yaakov finds sparks son was yaakov ben r. aha bar yaakov - sent him to study hall abaye heard father was coming also, and abaye knew there was a mazik in the study hall - and it would even hurt two people, even the students of abaye suffered. so if R aha is coming maybe he can solve this problem. so he commanded the citizens not to let him sleep with them - so he'd have to sleep in the study hall. the mazid took the apearance of a snake and bowed 7 times in prayer. and so the mazik died. In the mornign complained to abaye that you endangered me. Ari says this fixed concubine story and prepares for birth of shmuel and kingship. Abaye is the old man who lived in giva who took in the husband - no one else allowed him in.

the concubine is the tanin, the mazik, killed by 7 bows. the townsfolk who raped her are the students of abaye. teh concubine came back to damage them in return for raping her. Now r. aha before is alos in the story of esau "yesh li rav achi" r. aha is secret of 7 bowing of jacob which he did to sweeten his brother and as a result he kissed him. bow 7 times to refine his sparks, destroy him. so r aha bowed 7 times. what are teh 7 heads - they are the 7 kings of esau which were before a king ruled in Israel Head symbolizes ideology - there is a snake in learning torah, in the study house. the study house contains 7 ideologies of learning torah. there are 7 false hashkafot which must be destroyed via prayer or bitul. Even sword on neck, still pray because G-d can save, bow - is bitul, my opinions are batel to G-d's opinions and therefore the bows destroyed the snake.

Shlomo married Pharoah's daughter- brought into his home false ideas. we pray to G-d , focus on G-d to get true hashkafa to do this we must be baal daat or gadlut mochin. Yosef was son of old age, targum: son of wisdom, he was able to Noseh hafuchim - or erech apayim - therefore he is loved Today is 3rd day of vayetze (tuesday) Eben Yisrael - big sin of tribes was sellinf yosef = not wanting gadlut mochim - to try to do a birur mitoch katnut mochim. they knew Yosef wanted to bring broad mindedness - to be "himloch timloch" so they sold him to avoid this wisdom.

central point is daat - ch. 3 power of daat in soul bowing comes from oref - neck- bowing the daat -intellect- ->action - neck is in between [head and body, thought and action] we are a nation which can't easilly come to action. kashe oref because we have wisdom. we do havdalah at end of shabbat but the true havdala there is between Jew and Gentile main use of daat is to distinguish - lehavdil 18 blessings for life (18) spine is straight but in prayer it is bent why is daat in back - in spine? because daat is a intuition not done via a pure sense, it just comes to you i believe i can fix but my senses tell me i can't fix but my daat leads me to believe i can change, that requires daat.

the masses then fought the people of giva now masses want the wye accord but they are wrong daat needs to be spread to the masses, faith is leave from despair ratzon wish for good - but it only lasts if you have daat how does Tanya define daat? Adam knew eve, connected daat to G-d and to never leave off thinking of G-d kli and Ohr - internal and external koach ha Yahud - join rahamim and din to know h' hoo elokim is to have koach yihud

a captive can't free self from prison. we must free the populice from false faith in wye accord, like maccasbees freed people from from hellinism Jail is a cellar, clothed in darkness. daat to nullify self forbidden to rahem al mi sh'ein lo daat how can moshiach come in hesek hadaat? ki ashiv behoshech = 6 x yosef yosef adds children - brings Jews back to torah to be banim sham roeh even israel, ben kach u'ben kach spread torah until foot stops in shuk, tillthe is no person 28 daat is power of yichud. Jew can always think ipcha mistabra only a Jew can say reality says yes, i say no! only a Jew can do this but we have to unite opinions

ratzon = keter ratzon is makif , i.e. we don;t always think of it but without daat the belief that the moshiach will come is nothing you have to not masiach daat mashechet shabat - r zera - asks "why do goats go before sheep" to r. yehuda - goats are black - sheep are white (rashi) answer " just like creation, must first be darkness then light" daat is hitaztmut with ratzon jews are Azim b'umot- goat is also aiz- strong hassid must be strong metzach (also must be like yosef, gadol mochim) why azim go first? why is strength before softness? be aiz like a leapard - beginning of shulchan aruch

Rov shira b'zimrah - last words of Rebbe simcha turns dark to light.