List of English Phrases

all at sea
in a state of uncertainty or confusion
ants in the pants
can't sit still
an axe to grind
"He's got an axe to grind" - he has an alterior motive
at six and sevens
in a state of confusion or conflict with another person
ball park figure
an aproximation
bug me
of a person, as in "Don't bug me" to bother, of a room, to place a concealed recording device, as in "The CIA bugged my apartment"
bury the hatchet
make a truce
dead serious
not joking
dead set on
"I am dead set on see this movie tonight." - unwilling to give up or alter ones intent
dead straight
correct "You are dead straight about that"
dish the dirt
speak badly about another
down to earth
about a person, concerned with the real world and not abstractions, not sophisticated, not treacherous
get down to brass tacks
"Now it's time to get down to the brass tacks." Dealing with the real substantive issues, usually money
get off your high horse
don't assume a superior air
give lip
argue with your superior, usually a parent
give the cold shoulder
be unfriendly
gnawing at you
bothering you on a daily basis, usually a worry or idea
go jump in a lake
drop dead, I do not aggree with you
he stumped me
he asked a question I could not answer, he baffled me with his behaviour
hit the nail on the head
to express an idea exactly
hunky dory
going well
kick the bucket
lip service
mas sfatiyim, speak as though one repects and agrees with another
nitty gritty
no shit (Sherlock)
what you said is totaly obvious to all
no way
I don't agree
nutty , nuts
off his rocker
off the hook
of a person, no longer is he to blame, of a phone, not connected
on the dole
relying on charity or parental monies
on the ball
smart, quick, clever
on the loose
no longer locked up, as in an escaped prisoner
on the money
on the nose
on top of things
out to lunch
not responsive, not clear headed
pound for pound
push comes to shove
put that in your pipe and smoke it
six of one , half dozen of the other
take the cake
literally it means, Wins the prize, but in common usage said of some act which is unbelievably outrageous. I've seen a lot of rude and obnoxious behavior in my life, but shoving the woman to get in the front of the line really takes the cake
throw your weight around
to rat on someone
to tell the authorities he committed a crime
toe to toe
tongue in cheek
about a statement, not intended to be serious "It was tongue in cheek when he said he eats ham hocks for breakfast."
under the weather
Not feeling well
water under the bridge
a subject or argument that happened in the past an no longer worth thinking about
went to pot
stopped taking care of himself, fell into disrepair
with it
worked up a storm
worked very hard