Alphabet for Kids who Think English has no Rules

A - aisle, autumn - Albert ate autumn acorns in the aisle.
B - bdellium - Bert bought bdellium.
C - choir,ceiling, cat, czar, chalk - The Czar made a choir of cats cough on the ceiling.
D - Draw , djinn -- Desert djinns draw drains.
E - eight , euphemism - Eight European Elephants eat ewe eyes.
F - fohn?
G - gnat, gnash -- The naughty gnat gobbled gin and the gnarly gerbil gnawed grass.
H - hour, honor heir -- The hour to honor our help is here.
I - igloo ice -
J - juan jalapeno
K - knife kneel knock
L -
M - Mnemonic
N -
O - one, - One offensive Octopus observed our oats.
P - phone, psychology pneumatic Pseudonym
Q -
R -
S - sugar sauce
T - Throw
U - urn, ukulele, umbrella
W - wrist, wreath, who -- Who wrested the wrench from his wrinkled wrist? Walter!
X - xylophone xerxes
Y - yttrium, ypsiliform -- Yseult's yalk ingested yttrium and an ypsiliform yolk.