Parshat Tetzaveh (20)

Part 3

Verse 10: “six of the names on one stone (al haEvan) …”

Verse 11: “the two stones on the names (al shemos) of the Jews ….”

Verse 21: re the Hoshen “The stones shall be on the names(al shemos) of the Jews …”

Contradiction. 10 vs 11 +21 . are the names on top or are the stones on top? Rashi doesn’t take it litterally (“every stone has the names”) (but agreed that rashi is bothered by our problem) . But still, acc to rashi, why does Torah choose an odd way of saying it? Why doesn’t it stick to one way of describing it.

Verse 11: rashi like a signet ring. Is it a special kind of engraving? Was it recessed or raised? What is chidush? Which side was inscribed? If stone on top of name, then underside (the part touching you shoulder) is ingraved , and since the stone is transparent, you’ll see the name through the stone . But when you are writing it you turn it over, so the writing is done on top of the stone, the then you flip it over and the stone is on top. But you;ll have the problem that the name will be backward. How is a signant ring done? It is done in reverse letters so the print will read correctly. So too the stones here are done in reverse so they can be read , hence rashi that it is like a signet ring, and based on verse that the stone is on top of the name, and therefore it must be in reverse.



Argument re the order of the names. Meshech choma bring Yerushalmi from yuma: 25 letters on each side, and name benyaminmust be split ben on one side and yaminon the other side. And other names are either on one side or the other. Other rules also, beni leah must be grouped. (or say yosef with heh can work out) Where is it hinted in torah that name of benyamin should be split? Targum yonason, brought like yerushalmi. If it would be even on both sides it would say in verse 10 “six names on each side” but it says “six from the names “, ie part of the names (give me from your apples) at leastone of the names is only partially on the side. (name from the name, each part must alsobe a name) Meshech choma bring another hint from parshat Zos HaBrocha , 33:12 benjamin you dwell in safety, … and between the shoulders he dwells. Rashi, temple is in a high place(shoulders), in benyamin. M. H. says between shoulders of cohen gadolwill his name be written, ie not on either one alone. What is this special brocha here? Maybe its bad that the name is split?

Sefer Melachim, split of north and south, G-d -> shlomo, you kept not my torah so you looserule of jews, except for yehudah, But what about Bejamin. Division is political and geographical. Benjamin remained neutral. Only geographically are they on south. In brocha, bejamin is yedid hashem, his only friend is g-d.