Operating Systems Course Outline

Course Requirements

Full attendance is required. Any lack of attendance will negatively affect your grade and may remove your right to a moed bet. The course is a Pass/Fail course. The text for the course is Operating Systems Concepts, 8th Edition chapters 1 to 9. There are copies of this and previous editions in the school library. You can use older editions. There will be no assigned homework. For homework you should read the book. You can also do any exercises in the back of each chapter. If you want me to look at your homework, print it and hand it in to me and I will check it for you. The grade will be determined by your final exam and your attendance.
Student manual for 7th edition

1. Overview

2. OS Services and Structure

3. Processes

4. Threads

5. Process Scheduling

6. Process Synchronization

7. Deadlock

10. Virtual Memory

banker's algorithm for avoiding deadlocks
For Class schedulerOSalgorithms Partial
Short Review Questions

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