Introduction to Network Communication (lab) -Danzig

Introduction to Network Communication: This lab gives hands on experience on the working of PC serial ports. You will program the RS-232 ( rs232 ) interface and use it to communicate between computers. This is a physical layer (level 1 in OSI) protocol. This lab will thus give an idea of how communication protocols work.

General Information

Recommended Reading

Look at the following web sites for more info about serial ports and RS-232:

Grading Policy

The lab grade will be composed of:
  1. Attendence - 10%
  2. Quiz - 20 %
  3. Ex2 - 20%
  4. Ex3 - 20%
  5. Ex4 - 30%

Lecture Slides

These slides are in two formats: HTML and Power Point. For the PowerPoint version, download the PowerPoint version to your computer and print it through the PowerPoint application. It is possible to print 1,2,3 or 6 slides to a single page.
Click here for lecture one which discusses RS-232C and UART 8250 (HTML version) or here for the Power Point version.
Click here for lecture two which discusses the Control Lines   (HTML version)   or here for the PowerPoint Version.


As you will be programming in C /C++ observe the C programming conventions. See my list of programming pinciples. Here are some of the more basic rules: And of course observe other good programming practices such as


Documentation is part of the assignment. Follow these rules:


You are to submit one hard copy of the code per pair. Do this only after the assignment has been tested by the lecturer.

Assignment Grading

The grade for each assignment is composed of : For late submissions the penalty is a reduction of 10  points per week.


Sample COM port program