<?xml version='1.0' encoding='us-ascii'?> <!-- This DTD does some of what the W3C is getting ready to do with its "XHTML" work (nee "Voyager"). It differs from the current WG draft because it uses namespaces correctly (!), and it isn't as complete even for HTML 3.2 support (much less 4.0) or, probably, correct. Note that what XHTML needs to do is become modular enough that XHTML can be used as a mixin with other document types, including either "the whole megillah" or just selected modules (e.g. omitting tables). That must work both ways ... other things as mixins to XHTML, and XHTML as a mixin to other things. THIS WILL BE REPLACED WITH A BETTER DTD AT SOME POINT. --> <!ELEMENT html (head, body)> <!ATTLIST html xmlns CDATA #FIXED "http://www.example.com/xhtml" > <!ELEMENT head (title,style*)> <!ELEMENT title (#PCDATA)> <!ELEMENT style (#PCDATA)> <!ATTLIST style type CDATA #IMPLIED > <!ENTITY % content "p|h1|h2|h3|h4|h5|h6|ul|ol|table|center"> <!ENTITY % inline "#PCDATA|em|b|a|img|br"> <!ELEMENT em (#PCDATA|a|b|img|br)*> <!ELEMENT b (#PCDATA|a|em|img|br)*> <!ELEMENT a (#PCDATA|b|em|img|br)*> <!ATTLIST a href CDATA #IMPLIED name CDATA #IMPLIED > <!ELEMENT br EMPTY> <!ELEMENT img EMPTY> <!ATTLIST img alt CDATA #IMPLIED border CDATA #IMPLIED height CDATA #IMPLIED src CDATA #REQUIRED width CDATA #IMPLIED > <!ELEMENT body (%content;)+> <!ATTLIST body bgcolor CDATA #IMPLIED > <!ELEMENT p (%inline;)*> <!ELEMENT h1 (%inline;)*> <!ELEMENT h2 (%inline;)*> <!ELEMENT h3 (%inline;)*> <!ELEMENT h4 (%inline;)*> <!ELEMENT h5 (%inline;)*> <!ELEMENT h6 (%inline;)*> <!ELEMENT ul (li+)> <!ELEMENT ol (li+)> <!ELEMENT li (%inline;)*> <!ELEMENT table (tr+)> <!ATTLIST table height CDATA #IMPLIED width CDATA #IMPLIED align (left|center|right) #IMPLIED cellspacing CDATA #IMPLIED > <!ELEMENT tr (td+)> <!ATTLIST tr align (left|center|right) #IMPLIED valign (top|center|bottom|baseline) #IMPLIED > <!ELEMENT td (%inline;|%content;)*> <!ATTLIST td height CDATA #IMPLIED width CDATA #IMPLIED align (left|center|right) #IMPLIED valign (top|center|bottom|baseline) #IMPLIED rowspan CDATA #IMPLIED colspan CDATA #IMPLIED > <!ELEMENT center (%inline;|%content;)*>