In order to compile you must first ssh to the server You can login with your regular user name and password. Once you login you find you have all your UNIX homedirectory files. Your servlet will be in ~/javaserver/WEB-INF/classes The java compiler is called javac, so to compile all you really have to do is type javac Unfortunately, for two reasons, this may not work. First, you must tell the shell where to find the program javac. It is located here: /usr/java/jdk/bin So, you could type /usr/java/jdk/bin/javac Alternatively, you can set your path by adding a line like this set path=( $path /usr/java/jdk/bin) to your ~/.cshrc file. There is a second problem, you have to tell javac where to find the servlet class which you are extending. You do this by specifying the classpath (i.e. the location of extra classes for javac to include). The location of the class is here: /usr/local/tomcat/common/lib/servlet.jar But once you specify that javac should look here for classes, then javac will no longer look for classes in the local directory. To get javac to look in more than one place, you must specify all the places for it to look, separating each one with a ":". Here is a complete example of how to compile: /usr/java/jdk/bin/javac -classpath /usr/local/tomcat/common/lib/servlet.jar:. Alternatively, you could add an alias to your ~/.cshrc file. Add the following line: alias jc javac -classpath /usr/local/tomcat/common/lib/servlet.jar:. \!:1
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