Creating new Tomcat Contexts at JCT

The Manager page can be found here:
Replace the XX with your personal number.
  1. To create a new context (i.e. application) you must go to the manager page of Tomcat and in the

  2. "Install" section go to ->

  3. "Install directory or WAR file located on server" section

  4. then, in the "Context Path (optional):" put in the context name of your choice (eg. /iseproject59 )

  5. Then in the "WAR or Directory URL:" put the path of the actual directory where you created your hierarachy starting with WEB-INF (i.e. write something like "file:/usr/u/34stud/cohen/javaserver2" )
    Remember: You must create the directory ~cohen/javaserver2, give the the right permissions, and supply it with the WEB-INF directory and the web.xml file!

  6. Then press "install" and then "start".

  7. To view the application you must go to the website (eg.

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