Internet Programming and HTML

Final Projects

  1. Make a chess board (in GIMP or with JavaScript) and chess pieces (in Gimp) and allow player to move the pieces around and remove pieces when captured. Use Javascript and css. Have links (or frames) to store which pieces have been captured on each side. You can include move verification if you like.
  2. Make your own message board using php, mysql and css. Have more than 2 catagories at least of topic for each message room. (User could be allowed to create new topic rooms.) Old messages should be stored for future reference.
  3. Make a chat program. when you join you are told who else is at the site. you can write messages to a common page. use javascript to force the reloading of the page every 15 seconds. Use php -mysql to store the messages and lush very old ones.
  4. Make a tetras game using Javascript and gimp. Use arrow keys to rotate pieces.
  5. Make a shooting game where objects quickly move on screen and clicking on them destroys them. save high scores in a database.
  6. Use javascript to run a horse racing game.
  7. Black jack game using javascript
  8. Slot machine in javascript, make images with gimp
  9. Create a set of at least 20 madlibs and allow the user to choose a type of mad lib and then randomly pick one from that type. For example, madlibs about sports. Also allow the user to have a random choice from all the available madlibs. The madlibs should be well written, funny but CLEAN.
  10. Use built-in php functions to create a hebrew/English calendar for the current month. You will need to use a function to get the current date. Also provide an English/Hebrew birthday converter.