Internet Programming and HTML

Homework Assignments

Do a 4-5 page web site based on a specific topic. Chose from below. Must be a minimum of 500 words. Make sure you pages have a consistent layout and color scheme (use CSS to help ensure this). The grade will be based on content, design, and demonstrative and creative use of the HTML we have taught. You may also suggest topics not found in the list, but then you must have your topic approved by Rabbi. Danzig. Do not engage in plagiarism. That means do not copy information from the web or from books into your page. You can read other websites, but you must digest and interpret what you read before writing anything. At least re-write it in your own words. Hopefully your site will become a source for other people's sites.
  1. History of Arab Anti-Semitism
  2. Egyptian Mythology
  3. Greek Mythology
  4. History of the Cookbook in America
  5. History of Stock Car Racing
  6. History of Hip-Hop (include major artists) - Rafi
  7. Survey of different types of turtles
  8. Development of the Electric Guitar (include major manufacturers)
  9. Current trends in Tea Production
  10. History of eastern European Jewish family names - Benzion
  11. History of the East India Tea Co.
  12. History of the American Military Industry
  13. History of American Automobile Manufacturing
  14. Comparative survey of contemporary automobiles - Noah
  15. History of the Dutch East Indies Co. - Shalom
  16. Historical Survey of American Racist Organizations - Peretz
  17. Analysis of the problem of car polution and the attempts to deal with it in Israel - Jonathan
  18. Causes and solutions for the decline in ocean fish population - Gershon