5. HTML Hyperlinks and Images (HTML - HyperText Markup Language) A. "Hypertext" is a term created by visionary Ted Nelson to describe non-linear writing in which you follow associative paths through a world of textual documents. The most common use of hypertext these days is found in the links on World Wide Web pages. B. Hyperlinks The word Hyperlink is short for Hypertext Link. Hyperlinks refer to: 1. Different HTML Pages <a href="http://esp.jct.ac.il/page2.html">Link to Page 2</a> 2. Different Places in the Same Page Word<a href="#word_definition"><sup>1</sup></a> <a name="word_definition">A word is a word.</a> 3. An Email Address <a href="mailto:someone@jct.ac.il">Email Me</a> 4. A File Server <a href="ftp://ftp.iglu.org.il/">File Server</a> C. Image Links <img src="" height="" width="" alt="" border="">