Data Structures - C++

Homework Assignments 2009

  1. Gladiator Program without inheritance.
  2. Shapes program with inheritance. Creat a Class called Shape. Inherit from it to three other classes. Triangle, Circle, and Square. Make a pure virtual function in Shape called getPerimeter. Implement it in each child class. Each shape should have whatever private data is relevant for running the getPerimeter function. Create an array of 100 shape pointers. Allow the user to create any number of shapes of different types (up to 100). Write a searchForPerimeter function to find all the shapes that have a certain perimeter. The function should print out the type of shape found and its index number in the array. You will need to store the class type in the class.
  3. linked list
  4. fifo /lifo.
  5. sorted linked list
  6. Binary Tree with add, remove, print in order.
  7. Write a binary tree in an array implementation. Add. Print in order.
  8. Operator overloading for mixed fraction.
  9. More Operator overing with mixed fraction.
  10. implement a heap with an Object Oriented array implementation. Up heap, downheap, push, pop.
  11. use a heap to effect a heap sort on an array.
  12. Write to a file records. Allow for adding and modifying existing records. Read from file as well.
  13. Project : Restaurant Menu with files.
  14. Recursive quick sort.
  15. Add exception handling to Mixed fraction class.